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The FinTech Association of Malaysia is a highly vetted membership club comprising senior investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and influencers who are passionate about growing the FinTech sector globally.


We provide tools, resources and opportunities for our members to thrive in the constantly evolving financial services ecosystem. On top of perks like connecting with other industry stakeholders, members of the association also gain access to our exclusive events with leaders from the industry. We support our members and their businesses by offering valuable promotional opportunities, as well as by providing resources that will help to improve operations, boost sales, increase brand exposure and build lasting relationships.

Member Benefits

  • Opportunities for business development and revenue growth
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Access to high-quality panels and events on topics that matter most to our members
  • Ability to increase brand awareness by sharing thought-leadership based content with fellow members
  • Venue for gaining sales, service and operations efficiencies
  • Opportunity to gain insight into best practices in the industry

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Suitable For

Companies directly related to the FinTech industry Companies or indirectly related to the FinTech industry Foreign listed or non-related companies such as media, etc.

Annual Fee

Less than 5 employees RM 500/annually RM 500/annually RM 100/annually
5 to 30 employees RM 2,500/annually RM 2,500/annually RM 100/annually
More than 30 employees RM 5,000/annually RM5,000/annually RM 100/annually

Curated News and Event Update

Yes Yes Yes

Eligible to vote for AGM

Yes Yes

Special Offers/Priority Passes

Yes Yes Yes

Exclusive Meet-up sessions

Yes Yes
Connecting with various individuals and organisations in the broader FinTech ecosystem of Malaysia. Join Our Movement