FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) aspires to be the key enabler and a national platform to support Malaysia to be the leading hub for FinTech innovation and investment in the region. The association was successfully registered with the Registrar of Societies in October 2016.

Now with members from a wide range of fintech companies, we have connected various stakeholders in the industry, engaging them in conversation and fostering potential collabo-rations. If we want the industry to grow further, we must grow it together

  • Connect

    We are the go-to channel for information on the FinTech industry in Malaysia and we will start conversations to take the industry forward.

  • Collaborate

    We connect FinTech stakeholders with potential partners, as well as regulators in order to support FinTech innovation in Malaysia.

  • Catalyse

    We engage the FinTech community through thought leadership, conferences and other avenues to ensure the continuous development of the industry.

The FinTech Association of Malaysia engages with multiple stakeholders, ranging from fintech companies to regulators and government agencies, in order to take the FinTech industry in Malaysia to the next level.
Connecting with various individuals and organisations in the broader FinTech ecosystem of Malaysia. Join Our Movement