About Us


Before mid-2015, FinTech was not even a buzzword in Malaysia. It wasn’t until NextMoney (previously NextBank) took the lead in promoting a new wave of financial innovations in the Malaysian financial sector and markets that FinTech became more than just hype. The use of technology in the finance sector is growing and will become the standard. The FinTech Association of Malaysia is here to lead the charge in our country.
  • Connect

    We are the go-to channel for information on the FinTech industry in Malaysia and we will start conversations to take the industry forward.
  • Collaborate

    We connect FinTech stakeholders with potential partners, as well as regulators in order to support FinTech innovation in Malaysia.
  • Catalyse

    We engage the FinTech community through thought leadership, conferences and other avenues to ensure the continuous development of the industry.
Connecting with various individuals and organisations in the broader FinTech ecosystem of Malaysia. Join Our Movement